Our Story

LR Uniforms has been a family owned and operated business in the United States since 1971. The Company originally started its business in the province of Matanzas, Cuba in 1954 by the Hernandez family.

In 1968, Mr. Hernandez and family moved to the United States and three years later they were able to open their store La Revoltosa at 1209 West Flagler Street in Miami. Their goal was to work hard for their customers providing them with good service and affordable prices and their vision to treat all customers as family members.

Today, 2nd and 3rd generation continue to operate the business with the same goals and vision. We can be contacted at 305-261-8160 or at any of our two locations.

LR Uniforms reflects the cities unique lifestyle in the merchandise it carries and caters to our wide variety of customers. Our customers range from full-time residents employed in the state's fast-growing economy to new immigrants from across Latin America and around the world. Our customers also include tourists thirsty for entertainment experiences.

You will find that our stores are in the best retail locations. They provide interesting and distinctive merchandise assortments, outstanding shopping experiences, and prices that deliver value to our customers. Our core values and beliefs are listed below.

Customer Insight
While other merchants only care on making the “quick buck” we here at LR Uniforms delve into the lives of our customers in order to provide them with the highest quality merchandise that best suites their lifestyle. We receive this insight from our customers by our in-store surveys and through their interaction with our staff.

Customer Experience
We are completely committed to offer our customers good quality clothing and apparel at affordable prices and we are committed to a high quality standard of customer service.

LR Uniforms Staff
The LR Uniforms “Family Experience” is driven by our excellent staff. Our staff is well trained in customer care and is held to a strict code of professionalism. Our staff is in charge of guiding our customer’s needs through our stores from the moment they enter the store.

We understand that providing our customers with great customer service is not enough without outstanding merchandise. That is why we take the time and make an effort to search out high quality merchandise that will best suite the needs of the diverse community that comes to shop at our stores.

To all of you, from all of us at LR Uniforms Online Store - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Milagros Pardo
LR Uniforms